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All of the works below are listed in order of publication as a form of checklist. Data on current editions !s given if and when available. If your local bookstore can't find them or tell you why not, try some of the online stores. I was an early promoter of, but lately they've been erratic, at one point surcharging Priam's Lens and making its price prohibitive while others continued to stock it. For that reason, I went looking and found some other sources I can recommend. These include B& (they have had a promotional page for me at If all else fails, and particualrly for advance orders, click here to order Chalker books via For out of print titles, try and/or


[Note: Titles in purple are (hopefully) temporarily out of print]

1. A JUNGLE OF STARS, Ballantine/Del Rey, 1976, et al. Also Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1979 (in French). There was a German edition as well but I was never sent a copy and don't have any details on it except that it was in 1978. Of course, nobody sent me the French one, either. I got it because Somtow Sucharitkul spotted it in the Paris airport and bought it for me as a gift. 

2. MIDNIGHT AT THE WELL OF SOULS, Del Rey, 1977, et. al. Also Penguin Books, U.K., 1981; Goldmann, Munich, 1978 (in German), and, so far, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Hebrew, Czech -well, it just keeps going and going. I'm going to get this one into English hardcover someday if I have to do it myself…. Hard to believe, but even though it has continued to sell reports say Del Rey took it out of print after 23 years! Repackaged with a new (and not great) cover from Baen Books in February, 2002, and should be pretty much continually back in print again along with, eventually, the next four in this series (Exiles, Quest, Return, and Twilight, see below).!

3. THE WEB OF THE CHOZEN, Del Rey, 1978, Also Wilhelm Hein Verlag, Munich, 1981 (in German); also in a highly rewritten Hebrew edition (Tel Aviv, 1981). 

4. EXILES AT THE WELL OF SOULS, Del Rey, 1978, et. al. Also Penguin Books, U.K., 1982; German, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, etc. editions. Del Rey took it and the other four "original" Well World titles out of print in 1999-2000 and refused to say if or when they would reprint, so we took them back. Baen will do a new edition of this in 2001-2002.

5. QUEST FOR THE WELL OF SOULS, Del Rey, 1978, et. al. Foreign editions as above. Baen's doing a new edition of this one, too, 2001-2002.

6. AND THE DEVIL WILL DRAG YOU UNDER, Del Rey, 1979, et. al. German edition, Goodman, 1983, with same cover. French edition 1987 with new cover in large-size trade paperback format. Optioned to the movies once long ago. Not available in hard copy at the moment, but you can get it in ebook format, January, 2001, from embiid. Go back to the site map and click on the cover to go there.

7. A WAR OF SHADOWS, Ace: An Analog Book, 1979. Reprinted with new (good) cover and packaged like a mainstream thriller. Ace, October, 1984, Baen, 1993. Optioned off and on to the movies, but it probably won't happen. Baen has indicated it probably will reprint/reissue this in the future.

8. DANCERS IN THE AFTERGLOW, Del Rey, 1979,1982. Also Goldmann, Munich, 1982 (in German as Der Tourister Planet), Urania, Italy, 1989. Reprinted in Dancers in the Dark (2002, which see below) along with two shorter SF stories in a unified hardcover.

9. THE RETURN OF NATHAN BRAZIL, Del Rey, 1980, et. al. Foreign editions as above (see Midnight). Again, Bzen will be doing this in 2001-02.

10. THE DEVIL'S VOYAGE, Doubleday, 1980, in hardcover. Japanese rights were sold but no book produced so far in Japanese. Out of print at Doubleday, after 3 printings. After a long dispute with me over paperback rights, Doubleday found a loophole and sold it at the last minute to Critic's Choice paperbacks, a new company formed by old Pinnacle execs. Unfortunately, they published the Doubleday version. not the one I wrote; 1985, with a great cover. Book is a WW2 novel, not SF, although h John W. Campbell is a minor character. If you wonder why I don't write more non-S F, note that none of my SF/fantasy characters has ever threatened to sue me for libel but one in this book did. Critics Choice reissue, October, 1988, under more than one imprint for some reason (same cover). We have finally reverted the rights in mid-1991 and will attempt to get the complete book republished in some form when I get the time to reassemble the manuscript. Yes, there's interest in doing the complete work, but finding those missing pages after all this time is not easy. 

11. TWILIGHT AT THE WELL OF SOULS, Del Rey, 1980 et. al. Foreign editions as per Midnight. Baen will be redoing this in 2002.

12. LILITH: A SNAKE IN THE GRASS, Del Rey, 1981 et. al. Also Goldmann, Munich, 1982 (in German); British: Penguin, 1991. Wydawnletwo Alfa, Poland, 1991; also Italian and Romanian editions and more to come. Unbelievably OP in English at the moment. Four Lords I.

13. CERBERUS: A WOLF IN THE FOLD, Del Rey, 1982 et. al. Also Goldmann, Munich, 1983 (in German). British, Penguin, 1991; Italian edition Urania, also Polish, Romanian. Four Lords II.

14. THE IDENTITY MATRIX, Timescape: Pocket Books, 1982. Reprinted, with new cover and fresh typesetting, by Baen Books, January, 1986., also done in German. Although #14 in publication, this was written #3, immediately after Midnight at the Well of Souls. Long story--ask me at a convention about it sometime. Baen will be reprinting in a year or two if it's not in print at the moment.

15. CHARON: A DRAGON AT THE GATE, Del Rey, 1982 et. al. German edition (Goldmann), 1984. British, Penguin, 1992; Italian Urania, Polish, also Romanian. Four Lords III.

16. THE FOUR LORDS OF THE DIAMOND, The Science Fiction Book Club, 1983, March main selection. Contains all four "Diamond" books (#s 12,13, 15, and 17) although slightly rewritten by me to eliminate some recap that was needed in the four but unnecessary in a single volume edition. Original jacket by Richard Powers for this book. SFBC now lists this as out of print. Too bad. I also wish they'd do more combos of my stuff (they did do the new Well trio, but 12 years is a long time to wait). Write them and demand it! 

17. MEDUSA: A TIGER BY THE TAIL, Del Rey, 1983. Foreign editions per Charon,, etc. Four Lords IV.

The Dancing Gods: Part I
See #51 below.

18. THE RIVER OF DANCING GODS, Del Rey, delivered in March of 1982 but Del Rey did not publish it until February, 1984. British edition, Futura, 1985. Wydawnletwo Alfa, Poland, 1991, in Polish. believe it or not. Nobody but the Poles has yet dared to try and translate this one. I have special affection for the Poles for getting my jokes. OP as an stand-alone but available as part of The Dancing Gods: Part I with Demons, below, see #51 below. 

19. DEMONS OF THE DANCING GODS, Del Rey, delivered in October, 1982; published May 24,1984. British edition, Futura, 1986, Polish, 1992. Paired with River above in omnibus (see #51 below). 

20. SPIRITS OF FLUX AND ANCHOR, Tor Books, 1984. First of a large novel split by economics, sheer size. and greed into eventually 5 books. Delivered in February, 1983.British: Penguin, first 3 in series, started in 1990. German, first 3, started with first in Nov. 1989. Also Dutch, Japanese. Reported OP; we are trying to revert it. 

21. EMPIRES OF FLUX AND ANCHOR, Tor Books, 1984. Second in the Soul Rider books, delivered in May. 1983 and written continuously with #20 above. Marketed as Soul Rider: Book Two with the title off to one side. Br: Penguin; German, Dutch, 1990. OP in the U.S. 

22. DOWNTlMING THE NIGHT SIDE, Tor Books, May, 1985. A complex time travel novel not connected to a series or other works. Delivered December, 1983. Many of the "literary" type critics think it's my best book. Repackaged by Baen with a new afterword by me and done with a good cover in May, 1993. If out of print at the moment, Baen has indicated he will reprint it iu a reprint plan with some of the other Chalker books he now controls. If currently out of stock, Baen indicates it will reprint in a year or two.

23. MASTERS OF FLUX AND ANCHOR, Tor Books, January, 1985. Third but not last in the Soul Rider saga, although it completes the original novel as outlined. Delivered January 25, 1984. Copies were received in Nov. 84. The Dutch edition of this one will be abridged, and not by me. Br. Penguin; German, Dutch, 1990-91. OP in the U.S. 

24. VENGEANCE OF THE DANCING GODS, Del Rey, July, 1985. Third but not the last of the Dancing Gods series, although the last written to date. Delivered April, 1984. Futura, U.K., 1986. OP as an independent but paired with Songs in Dancing Gods II below. 

25. THE MESSIAH CHOICE, St. Martins/Blue Jay, May, 1985 in hardcover. Mass market paperback, Tor Books, May 1986. A horror novel with SF overtones, should appeal to my regular readers who don't like horror. Delivered August 1,1984. Blue Jay is out of business (not my doing!) and the copies were remaindered by St. Martins and may be available cheap somewhere. All out of print now but still common. 

26. THE BIRTH OF FLUX AND ANCHOR, Tor Books, 1985. A "prequel" to #s 20, 21, and 23 above, set 2600 ears earlier. Delivered January 15,1985, copies received November 14,1985. No, they called it Soul Rider Book 4, not Book 0. Dutch, Danish, German, Italian editions as well. OP in the US but forthcoming in Russian with the rest. 

27. CHILDREN OF FLUX AND ANCHOR. Tor Books, September, 1986. Not a sequel, as originally intended. but actually the last part of the mega-novel I thought I could cover in #3 but ran out of room to do. The way it was always supposed to end, not an add-on. Same foreign sales as above. OP in English. 

28. LORDS OF THE MIDDLE DARK. Del Rey Books, June, 1986. First volume of The Rings of the Master, which was not my series title (I called it The Malebolge Rings). Delivered July 15,1985. British: Hodder (NEL) pb, 1988, with new cover and big promotional blitz. Also British hardcover of this and subsequent volumes in series, Severn House, with awful covers. Also Japanese, whole series, started in 1990. 

29. PIRATES OF THE THUNDER. Del Rey Books, March, 1987. Continuation of the Rings of the Master series begun with #28 above. Delivered March 27,1986. British edition from Hodder/NEL, 1988. hb, Severn House, 1990, the latter so hard to get even I had to buy a copy! Also Russian. 

30. THE LABYRINTH OF DREAMS. Tor Books, March, 1987. First of the G.O.D., Inc. books. Originally intended as a mega-novel, this turned out to be a true series, each book complete. I had so much fun with the first one I wrote it in near record time and delivered it on August 10, 1985. This book and its sequels were banned in parts of Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas because distributors considered the overtitle sacrilegious. Don't know how they react to the real G.O.D. delivery trucks. I know I was freaked out the first time one passed me. OP in the U.S. 

31. THE SHADOW DANCERS, Tor Books, July, 1987. Second of the G.O.D., Inc. books. The first was sort of Raymond Chandler; this one is more like Alternate World Vice although it has a parody of The Thin Man at the end. More serious and "heavy" than #29 but still fun. Delivered December 15, 1985, copies received June 17,1987. See banning notice on #30 above. OP in the U.S. 

32. WARRIORS OF THE STORM. Del Rey Books, August, 1987. Third in the Rings of the Master series begun with #28 and #31 above. Delivered May 25,1986 at Disclave. British: Hodder/NEL, 1989. hb: Severn House bought this one, too, but still hasn't done it that I know of. 

33. WHEN THE CHANGEWINDS BLOW. Ace/Putnams, September, 1987. Ater 3 books from 3 publishers in 3 consecutive months people thought I had Clark Kent's typing speed. Delivered October 20, 1986. The book has a really fine wrap-around Darrell Sweet cover. British: NEL, 1991. Katakawa Shojin, Tokyo, 1989, in Japanese (and illustrated!). Series reprinted August, 1996, in one huge trade pb (see below). 

34. MASKS OF THE MARTYRS, Del Rey, February, 1988. Last of the Rings of the Master series, delivered February 24, 1987. Yes, it ends the series, and quite bizarrely, too. No further books planned in this series. British: Hodder/NEL. hb: Severn House bought this one, too, but if it did it I never saw or heard of it. 

35. RIDERS OF THE WINDS. Ace Books, May, 1988. Second book in the Changewinds series see #33 above) for Ace/Putnams. Delivered May 22, 1987. Katakawa Shojin, Tokyo, 1990, in Japanese; N L, U.K., 1991. In one huge volume now from Baen as Changewinds (see below).

36. DANCE BAND ON THE TITANIC. Del Rey Books, July, 1988. Story collection with lots of commentary. You will even learn such things as why I write a lot of books on transformation themes. Contains all the stories listed in "Stories" below. Also includes Moths and Candle (never before published) and the article Where I Get Those Crazy Ideas originally done for Del Rey but not used by them (it shows exactly how the Well World developed) along with lots of prefatory matter, commentary, barbs and darts, and even some memoir, much taken from the stuff I do at conventions but a lot blunter, particularly my views on critics, criticism, and failed writers. Some sting was lessened at the insistence of publisher's lawyers. Note: that is not me on the cover even though it should be; it is cover artist Darrell Sweet. My photo, however, is inside the back cover of the U.S., but not the Canadian, edition. I'll redo this sometime, with updated nonfiction parts. Currently OP but we're working on an updating of it, possibly as a print on demand title.

37. WAR OF THE MAELSTROM. Ace/Putnams, October, 1988. Delivered late on February 10,1988. The third and climactic Changewinds book. I got the nukes in but it ran so long the climax had to be tightened, so sorry if the end's not quite what was advertised here earlier. It's still 140,000 words and I like the ending fine. Katakawa Shojin, Tokyo, 1990, in Japanese. British: NEL, 1993. In print from Baen now as trade PB with first two in one huge volume (see below). 

38. THE MAZE IN THE MIRROR. Tor Books, January, 1989. Third in the G.O.D., Inc. series begun with #29. Each book is complete in and of itself. These are parallel worlds private detective novels featuring the same detectives in each book. Due in July, 1987, but between illnesses and worldcon trips it wasn't handed in until October 29, 1987. Much more science fictional than the first two, and more cerebral, but you will find out where Slim Whitman is the #1 recording artist and the true origin of (and intended use for) Ginsu knives. OP in the U.S. 

39. THE DEMONS AT RAINBOW BRIDGE. Ace-Putnam's, hardcover, September, 1989. The Quintara Marathon is the overtitle for this, the first of a projected three-book serial novel which has met with exceptionally good mainstream reviews (it's been mostly ignored by the SF press as usual). Pb, June, 1990, got to #12 on the real pb bestseller list and #2 on the SF lists. Sold to Italy for 1991 publication in Italian. Reprinted with new cover by Baen Books, August, 1998, mass market pb only.

40. SONGS OF THE DANCING GODS. Del Rey, August, 1990. Delivered July 15,1989. Yes, there Will be another at some point, as the end to this one makes obvious. British: Futura, as usual; Polish, Russian, also. OP in this edition but is in Dancing Gods II (see below). 

41. (with Mike Resnick and George Alec Effinger): THE RED TAPE WAR, Tor hardcover, April, 1991; pb 1992. A pure old-fashioned science fiction space opera that treats the genre with the same reverence and respect as the Dancing Gods book treat epic fantasy, written one chapter at a time by each of us in turn and each chapter ending an attempt to screw the next guy. Action filled? A guy answers a distress call from a distant planet and 70,000 words later he not only hasn't gotten there, he hasn't gotten anywhere. Delivered some time in August, 1990. A major seller in both hb and paper. but when we offered to do another the publisher turned us down saying that he still couldn't explain the sale of this one and it had to be some sort of fluke. Yeah. Ever since they got that Politically Correct editor, Tor's had no sense of humor at all. With George now dead, I guess we'll never get to do The Duck Tape Wars. Sigh....

42. THE RUN TO CHAOS KEEP. Ace/Putnams, May, 1991 in hardcover, Feb. 1992 in pb. Second book of The Quintara Marathon, essentially a long shooting chase across myriad alien worlds, with everything from interdimensional travel to psi to space suits to ghosts, demons, eldritch horrors, and even an explanation of how idols work. Delivered 2/7/90. I can't understand why the hb was delayed this long. Ace, not me, decided this, and I objected. When sales were below expectations, they still blamed me in spite of the fact that I had urged quicker publication and, remember, the first was a best seller! Ultimately reprinted by Baen Books in mass market pb, March, 1999.

43. THE NINETY TRILLION FAUSTS (a.k.a. 90 TRILLION FAUSTS). Ace/Putnams, October 1991, in hardcover, November, 1992 in pb. Third and final Quintara book. Delivered July 3,1990. A big one, 25% bigger than the either of the first two Yes, the universe really does go to Hell in this one. I was extremely pleased with this book in particular, but be warned-no recap. Starts with the next line after Keep. In print along with the first two from Baen Books, which dropped "The" from the title and made it NINETY TRILLION FAUSTS.

44. ECHOES OF THE WELL OF SOULS, Del Rey, trade paperback, May, 1993; mass market pb Feb. 1994. Volume I of The Watchers of the Well. It's been 11 years since I wrote in this universe and I proclaimed at the time that I wouldn't write another unless I got an offer about the equivalent of winning the state lottery and I had a good idea for one. Well, I got the offer (from Del Rey, of course, who also offered to repackage and do a neat new promotion of the first ones but so far hasn't done them, damn it) and discovered that when somebody names a figure that high ideas just rush into my head. This is at least up to the later ones at least, I promise. Delivered February 25,1992. 

45. SHADOW OF THE WELL OF SOULS. Vol. II of The Watchers of the Well; continues the complex Machiavellian mess I started in Echoes above, and has a really ugly finish to make you come back for the finale but it's not a 'fill" book-lots of new hexes and races and al the rest and the best villain I've done in years. Delivered December, 1992; due out in trade pb Feb. 1994, mass market in Sept. 1994. 

46. GODS OF THE WELL OF SOULS. Del Rey, 1994. Vol. III and climax of The Watchers of the Well. It's a big double or triple whammy finish. Delivered August, 1993; trade pb Sept., 1994, mass market 3/95. 

47. [edited by] HOTEL ANDROMEDA, Ace, 1994, mass market pb only. Anthology of original stories set in a massive intergalactic hotel and truck stop way out there created by me. Unfortunately, creative differences and serious personality problems between me and this publisher meant that there's no story by me in it, nor the extensive background stuff I wanted to do, either. Still, I did select and edit the stories and I did create the universe in which they're set and I recommend it for that. 

48. THE WATCHERS AT THE WELL. Science Fiction Book Club, 1994, hardcover, $14.95. Contains the entire text of #s 44,45, and 46 above in the only hardcover edition. Wish I could get 'em to do Midnight. It's never had a hardcover. 

49. HORRORS OF THE DANCING GODS. Delivered 4/1/94. Mass market pbNovember, 1995. It seems that the new regime at Del Rey doesn't much like this series. Latest in this open-ended series and kind of a wind-up of the original premise as the original characters travel to the continent of horror clichés via H.P. Hovecraft in search of the Great McGuffin, along with an almost grown Irving. Needs another book to wrap, but Del Rey says this series doesn't sell well and they don't want to bother ending it. 

The Cybernetic Walrus
Wonderland Gambit I 

50. THE CYBERNETIC WALRUS. The Wonderland Gambit I, Del Rey, trade pb in November, 1995 (official pub date 12/14/95), mass market edition May, 1996; actually a saga of virtual realities so realistic that you aren't sure what's real and what's not and in which virtually anything is possible. Not cyberpunk; this is more my homage to Phil Dick, only you'll understand the ending. Not a Del Rey sort of saga, but it's doing well from them. Random House has announced it will be available as an ebook from their new program in 2001. One assumes that means the other two will also follow.

51. THE DANCING GODS: Part One. Del Rey, November, 1995, $6.99. Contains the complete text of The River of Dancing Gods and Demons of the Dancing Gods, currently the only English language edition in print of either book. The third and fourth in this series are in Part Two below. 

The March Hare Network
Wonderland Gambit II 

52. THE MARCH HARE NETWORK. The Wonderland Gambit II. Lots of twists and turns but not yet the truly bizarre. Delivered March 28, 1995. May, 1996 in trade pb, November '96 in mass market.. 

53. THE HOT-WIRED DODO. The Wonderland Gambit III. Delivered February 3, 1996. Trade pb, Del Rey, Feb. 1997; mass market January, 1998. Last of the set. Shows the potential of the concept to the full, but you're going to hate me for the ending. Hard to find; Del Rey cut the print size to under half the first two! Now they continue to sell the first two but won't reprint this one. Don't write me—that's why I'm not working for Del Rey at the moment.

Click for alternate cover for
The Changewinds




54. CHANGEWINDS. All three of the "Changewinds" saga in one huge 708 page trade paperback from Baen, August, 1996. One novel, as I originally outlined it. If you have all 3, there's no new text (but a nice cover in two different color versions!) but if you don't, this is the one to have. 

55. THE DANCING GODS II. Del Rey, September, 1996. Vengeance of the Dancing Gods and Songs of the Dancing Gods in one omnibus volume. No change in text or added material.

56. PRIAM'S LENS. Originally to be a serial novel, serial novels are Out and so it's a very big (145,000 word) stand-alone. Came out very well, I think, but I wish I had the extra room. Delivered to Del Rey on 8/24/97. Released 8/25/99, declared OP on 10/2/99! They finally did reprint it in November, but in small quantity, so if you missed it now's your chance.

57. THE SEA IS FULL OF STARS, December, 1999. A two volume novel that is not in the canon, but involves brand new characters, some in places and situations even Brazil can't go, and it also goes to a new area of the map you haven't seen before. 135,000 word first book delivered on 11/22/96! Yes, that's right, 1996! A very different Well book. Published 12/1999.

58. THE MOREAU FACTOR, Feb., 2000. A near future thriller about fun with DNA and other bad thoughts. For Del Rey. A leftover from the Priam's Lens contract. Delivered Feb. 18, 1999.

59. GHOSTS OF THE WELL OF SOULS, 2000. Completes the saga begun in #57 (though 57 can be read alone) and ties up the loose ends. As before, non-canonical; no Brazil, Chang, or Markovians. Delivered 7/20/98. Note that my title was Ghosts, plural. Finally published in November 2000.

60. Tales of the Three Kings I: BALSHAZZAR'S SERPENT. First in a trilogy that is not exactly a serial novel but more of a generational thing, with each one standing alone as well as advancing a puzzle, for Baen Books. This one's about an evangelist who isn't a nut and has one heck of a spaceship. Delivered October 21, 1999. Scheduled for hardcover in August, 2000 (with a nice Eggleton jacket), first copies arrived here the end of June. Also available online in html format for you geek masochists at the Baen web site. Mass market pb June 2001 from Baen.

61. Tales of the Three Kings II: MELCHOIR'S FIRE. Second in the trilogy and in hardcover first. Like #60, stands alone; this is a generational series, from Baen Books, June, 2001. Also available as is #60 online at Cheap but hell to read. This one's on treasure seekers and very un-spiritual types and a world as mean as Balshazzar seemed nice. Hardcover copies arrived April 24, 2001.

62. DANCERS IN THE DARK: A hardcover containing the only hb edition anywhere of my short novel Dancers in the Afterglow plus the two stories from the Jungle of Stars universe, "Forty Days and Nights in the Wilderness" and "Moth and Candle." Aimed at libraries, mostly, it won't be in bookstores but can be special ordered from any of them or via, Barnes & Noble, etc. Due in early fall, 2002, from Five Star Books, a division of Gale, via the Martin Harry Greenberg anthology factory.

63. Tales of the Three Kings III: KASPAR'S BOX. Concludes the 3 part series with some surprises, from Baen. Delivered May 8, 2002 and done in hardcover in November, 2002. Available soon in mass market pb.

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Not Yet Written or Delivered

64: CHAMELEON. The current work in progress, again for Baen, for late 2004 publication. A series rather than a serial novel, more in the G.O.D., Inc. type of organization than, say, Three Kings or the Rings. Who or what is Chemeleon? It's changing before my eyes, too, but I think you'll find that it's a lot of fun, with the trademark Chalker weirdness.

65–66. Chameleon II amd III. Brand new series that we just sold to Baen for 2005 publication. Some serious themes underneath, but this one should be a fun write overall, and, hopefully, a fun read. Delayed thanks to the heart attack, I may well do a different and unrelated book in the middle of this series.

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Almost no one seems to know I write short fiction. Not much of it, I admit, but I have written some. much of which is quite different from my novels. All to date are in Dance Band on the Titanic (see #36 above). The title story, by the way, is my own personal favorite of all my writings, and it seems that while everyone who read it who I've met loved it and remembered it even years later, nobody seems to have remembered it was a story of mine. That's why we do collections. 

1. No Hiding Place, in Stellar 3, edited by Judy-Lynn Del Rey, Del Rey, 1977. As far as I know this is still in print on a special order basis. This was also sold to a Martin H. Greenberg/Charles Waugh anthology of haunted house stories called, appropriately, House Shudders, for DAW which was supposed to be out in late '87 but I never saw a copy and have never been offered one to sign so I don't know if it actually appeared. 

2. In the Wilderness, Analog, July, 1978. A stand-alone chapter from a proposal for a sequel to A Jungle of Stars that was never written because of problems coming to terms. Original title: Forty Days and Nights in the Wilderness, which was used in the story collection. The title was too long to fit the page footers in Analog so Bova cut it and destroyed any meaning it had. Reprinted in Dancers in the Dark (2002).

3. Dance Band on the Titanic, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, July/August, 1978. Magazine version in Best of Asimov's Vol. I, Dial/Davis hardcover & pb, 1979. Preferred version in Best SF 1979, edited by Donald A. Wollheim with Art Saha, DAW Books, 1979, reissued (for some reason) as Best SF 4, DAW, 1987. The only one of this series not to be published by the SF Book Club, before or since. If you must know, my favorite of all things of all lengths that I have ever written. I wish I could do it again. There is a British edition of this anthology with a different title, but I haven't seen it. There was also a Best of Asimov's anthology for the supermarket trade that included the magazine version of it, but I never got a copy of that one, either, only checks. The Wollheim version is the one in the collection and after. The story has also been licensed at no fee to a number of suicide prevention clinics in the U.S. In The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century, edited by Harry Turtledove and Martin Harry Greenberg, Del Rey (and SFBC hardcover), 2001.

4. Stormsong Runner, in Whispers II, edited by Stuart David Schiff, Doubleday & Co., 1979. Out of print. This anthology went OP before publication yet they would not reprint it and it took until late 1987 to sell it to paperback. You figure it out. A "little" ghost story about the girl who's in charge of thunderstorms for southern West Virginia. Also in Dixie Ghosts, a southern regional anthology from a regional publisher, 1988, and most recently in Haunted Houses (hb, MJF: NY, 1997) which puts it in the same company as Lovecraft, Bloch, Stoker, even Joyce Carol Oates. 

5. In the Dowaii Chambers, in The John W. Campbell Awards Anthology, Vol. V, edited by George R. R. Martin. Blue Jay Books, NY, January, 1984. Written a couple of years a 0 when the anthology was called New Voices V, this is a 24,000 word novella. Trade paperback. As the publisher is now out of business and no mass market paperback was sold, I assume it's out of print, although all remaining Blue Jay stock was remaindered, not destroyed, so somebody probably still has it somewhere. 

6. Adrift Among the Ghosts, written for and sold to The John W. Campbell Awards Anthology, Vol. VI, edited by George R. R. Martin. This is a 5900 word short story and somewhat avant garde and off the wall. See? I can too write something short. Originally to be published in October, 1986 by Blue Jay Books and actually typeset, etc. but the publisher went broke in October and it was never printed. George Martin has allowed the story to go into the collection since he hasn't yet found a home for the anthology, so the collection was its first appearance anywhere. However, is in Best SF 1989, edited by Donald A. Wollheim & Art Saha, DAW Books, 1989, Don's best of the year annual, so it'll have a wider audience anyway, and is an SF Book Club alternate (although for the first time not a main selection!) 

7. Moth and Candle appears for the first time in the collection, although it's an old story. In fact, it was rejected by John W Campbell Jr. and the rejection letter is included in the collection. It is also an unpublished segment of the "Jungle" sequence never done, set in the post-Jungle universe but originally written 7 years before the novel. if you're curious to see how that was possible, read the introduction to the story in the collection. Reprinted in Dancers in the Dark (2002).

8. And Falls The Still, Still Night. Short story in Alternate Presidents, edited by Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg, Tor, 1992, paper only; US SFBC edition, mid-1992, only U.S. hardback.  The only short of mine not otherwise collected.

© 1962,1990 

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THE NECRONOMICON: A STUDY, Mirage Press, 1967, as by Mark Owings. Because of this book, "Mark Owings", a very real person, has been listed as a pen name of mine and in a sense really was. Actually he was to do the book, then could not, and I did it for him. He got the billing and I got paid. However, Owings, the field's leading bibliographer, has other books in his own right on his own and with me. All books, articles, etc. bylined by him alone other than this one are in fact his alone and not mine. 

2. AN INFORMAL BIOGRAPHY OF $CROOGE McDUCK, Mirage Press, 1974. Done before Scrooge had a TV series and with the cooperation of McDuck creator Carl Barks, I have never given up hope of illustrating an edition with Barks panels in spite of Disney's refusals to date. With the upsurge in interest over McDuck thanks to the TV series we'll get a new edition out at some point. I offered it to Another Rainbow/Gladstone but they decided it wasn't big enough for them. If I can find someone else to distribute, a new edition is not out of the question. 

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Actually, I've written quite a lot over the years, including much not in the SF or related fields, much in other works, etc. both credited and uncredited. But is anyone fanatical enough to want to know that I wrote the course of study for high school geography for the Baltimore City Public Schools, for example? Those below are both major and minor material, but all relate to SF/fantasy.

1. THE NEW H.P. LOVECRAFT BIBLIOGRAPHY, Anthem, 1961. Compiler. Out of print. An updating of George Wetzel's 1952 bibliography authorized by Arkham House but not Wetzel. Long story. 

2. (editor) IN MEMORIAM: CLARK ASHTON SMITH, Anthem, 1963. There is talk of a new edition of this excellent anthology, but don't hold your breath. Contains some Smith material never published anywhere else including a complete play in blank verse set in Zothique, and appreciations by Fritz Leiber, Sprague deCamp, many of Smith's closest friends, a memorial poem (also never published elsewhere) by Theodore Sturgeon, Introduction by Ray Bradbury, etc. etc. In case you haven't guessed, I grew up in this field and there are few in it past or present I don't or didn't know. 

3. (editor) MIRAGE ON LOVECRAFT, Anthem, 1964. I also wrote the long introduction to this small collection of articles by August Derleth and David H. Keller, plus some obscure Lovecraft writings, mostly from the pages of Mirage magazine. 

4. (with Mark Owings) THE INDEX TO THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS, Mirage Press, 1966, two editions. The revision took another 25 years to do (see #7 below). 

5. H.P. Lovecraft: A Bibliography, in The Dark Brotherhood And Other Pieces, Arkham House, 1965. Reprinted in French) in L'Herne, 1967. An attempt to do it new rather than from old bibliographies, Derleth reformatted this to the Wetzel style without my knowledge or permission. 

6. (with Mark Owings) THE REVISED H.P. LOVECRAFT BIBLIOGRAPHY, Mirage Press, 1971, OP. Almost all Owings, really, but based on my original 1965 bibliography for Arkham House (see above) which Derleth did not use. 

7. (with Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: A Bibliographic and Critical History, Mirage Press, 1991. This is a history and bibliography of the specialty presses, with commentary and analysis. Already controversial, this massive 764 page 8½ X 11 hardcover volume is available for $75.00. Expensive, but even our detractors say that once they start reading it they can't put it down (and what other reference work have you heard that said about?) Called by one critic "The Kitty Kelly School of Bibliography," what other reference work gives you Tom Hadley's infamous recipe for the nuclear fizz? When we went to do 3.5 we discovered it was too expensive to print! A CD ROM version was the only way to do it (see below). 

8. (with Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement One, Mirage Press, September, 1993, 8½ X 11 trade paperback, $10.00. First in our annual supplements in which we update all the entries in the big book, plus revised entries and corrections and additions to same, etc. This one covers 1991-93. Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

9. (with Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Two, Mirage Press, September, 1994, 8½ X 11 trade paperback, $10.00. Second supplement, this one covers just 1993-1994. Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10. 

10. (with Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Three, Mirage Press, October, 1995, 8½ X 11 trade paperback, $10.00. Third supplement, covers 7/94 through 9/95. Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

11. (w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Four, Mirage, August, 1996, $10.00. Same as the others but to 6/96. SUP5 is next in September. 

21. (w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Five, Mirage, August, 1997, $10.00. Same as the others but to 6/97. Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

22.(w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Six, Mirage, August, 1998, $10.00. Same as the others but to 6/98. Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

23. THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: 1923-2000 CD. Updated Chalker-Owings Big Book in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, August, 1998 and after, on CD ROM, Works on Windows, Macs, even Linux), $49.95. Now updated to the end of 2000. See for how to get one.

24.(w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Seven, Mirage, November, 1999, $10.00. Same as the others but to 6/99.Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

25.(w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Eight, Mirage, September, 2000, $10.00. Same as the others but to 6/00.  Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

26.(w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Nine, Mirage, July, 2001, $10.00. Same as the others but through 6/01.  Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

26.(w/ Mark Owings) THE SCIENCE-FANTASY PUBLISHERS: Supplement Ten, Mirage, July, 2002, $10.00. Same as the others but through 6/02.  Free off or in hard copy form from them for $10.

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1. MIRAGE, an amateur magazine of fantasy, 1960-1971,10 issues. My only Hugo nomination was for this magazine, which produced some major work by top names, both fiction and scholarship. and inspired all of today's fan interest in fantasy/horror. For example, this contained Ed Bryant's first published story and Seabury Quinn's last. Never officially folded, I occasionally get the urge to do another but sanity prevails. Still, who knows what might emerge in playing with the laser printer? 

2. INTERJECTION, a small fanzine that usually appears in February (and occasionally August) of each year in the mailings of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association, 1968-1987. Essays and commentary on various subjects, mostly not SF or fantasy related. Available only to FAPA members. Please don't ask for a copy, but if you publish a fanzine you might consider applying to FAPA for membership. If you don't, or don't even know what a fanzine is, forget it. 

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Role Playing (past): TAG Industries, which specializes in miniatures for war games, has done a Well World role-playinggame, released in fall, 1985. I do not play role-playing games for fun; I get paid to do that, so I don't even understand the rules and I am not responsible for the descriptions of some of the races used in the game. The game was available from game stores and wholesalers; the box is a large reproduction of the cover of the U.S. edition of Midnight. At least all of you who keep pleading for more Well World books can act out your own script. I neither wrote nor did anything more than license these and do not feel bound to honor their description of some of the hex creatures. The game did O.K. but TAG suffered from distribution problems, has changed owners, and the game is now a collector's item. Too bad. 

CD ROM (future?): Legend software bought CD ROM interactive rights to the Well World. They paid me well and quickly, asked for a renewal of rights in 1995, and we've been waiting ever since. This is a real mystery, but anybody else interested in the CD rights should contact me; it's darn sure these folks are defaulting. We now consider the rights back for sale again, alas.

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For four years until the magazine's sad demise, I wrote a regular column on SF/fantasy small press for Fantasy Review as referred to elsewhere here, and I continue the column on an irregular basis in Pulphouse magazine, which is pretty irregular itself these days. I also wrote a computer column for Supermicro magazine (formerly S-100 Journal, a quarterly of interest only to those with 5-100 computers and CDOS/Flexdos/Turbodos users but stopped because I ran out of things to say in that area even before it was obsolete. Nobody since in the PC world has made me an offer yet. But if you want to be a completist, I mention it here. It's a lot less folksy than Pournelle's and I called 'em as I saw 'em. Probably why Pournelle still has his column (albeit online) and I don't... 

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In addition to the above, I wrote almost all of the uncredited text of Progress Reports #3 and 4 and the Program Book of Discon II, the 1974 World Science Fiction Convention. I also wrote almost all the uncredited text for all progress reports and the Program Book for Suncon, the 1977 World Science Fiction Convention. I have columns in all four of the progress reports of ConStellation, the 1983 World Science Fiction Convention (all bylined, for a change at which I was Toastmaster, and have a very tongue in cheek "biography" of 1988 worldcon toastmaster Mike Resnick in the Nolacon II Progress Report #2 getting even for what Resnick did to me in 1983. I also did an appreciation of Ron Goulart for the 1979 Lunacon Program Book (bylined) and another (shorter) depreciation of Resnick in the Lunacon Program Book for 1987 where he was the Roastmaster and they "roasted" me. I did a funny insult piece on Resnick for a Disclave program book when he was GoH, and I did a serious, even nice one on him for Rivercon (he held a gun to my head). I still occasionally appear in fanzines as the mood and time strikes me, always nonfiction. I also just wrote the entry for "Small Presses" in Jim Gunn's SF Encyclopedia. My family recipe for Maryland Crab Cakes is in Serve It Forth: Cooking With Anne McCaffrey (Warner Books trade pb, 9/96). I also wrote a history of Baltimore science fiction fandom for Mimosa, a Hugo winning fanzine devoted primarily to SF history, in 1997, and a condensed version of it was reprinted in the Program Book of the 1998 World SF Convention in Baltimore. 

For the record, a book once listed in the colophon of one of my other books titled War Game was changed by Doubleday to The Devll's Voyage to avoid confusion with the movie of similar title. Another listed, Ripsaw, I intended to write that year but suddenly got too busy to do so. It is yet to be written, but one of these days I'll get to it. It's not SF/fantasy, anyway, but a rather bizarre murder mystery set in Arizona in the 1880s. I occasionally review computer software and hardware; I used to do it for Advanced Computing on a regular basis until it folded, then for a while as "Bus Lines" for Supermicro (see above) and various other magazines on an irregular basis. The "public" electronic mail address is .One semi-official  newsgroup devoted to me on the Internet is alt.books.jack-chalker. I don't do newsgroups because I spend too much time online already and don't need more, but my wife does monitor and participate in them. 

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In 1985-1986, Del Rey Books, at my urging, reprinted five of the best novels of the late Eric Frank Russell. Anyone who likes me and has never read Russell is urged to do so. These include the first complete publication in the U.S. of Wasp and Next of Kin (a.k.a. The Space Willies). Also included are new printings of Sinister Barrier, Three to Conquer, and Sentinels From Space. All have introductions by me. If you can read Next of Kin without cracking up you're not my kind of person and Sentinels is one of my primary influences as a budding writer. All of these, too, are now OP but if you can find them you'll like them. All of these are now available in one fat hardcover by NESFA Press as MAJOR INGREDIENTS, by Eric Frank Russell, NESFA Press, 2000, $25.00. each with a new intro by me written specifically for the volume. There is also a collection of editor Kazte's favorites, a best of Russsell, as a huge companion volume with an introduction by me. See NESFA Press's web site for details or to order.

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I have missed only one World Science Fiction Convention since 1965, and I certainly plan to be in Boston in 2004 over Labor Day weend, and in Glasgow in 2005 and LA in 2006, health permitting. As Bob Silverberg says, you do something for twenty, twenty-five years, it gets to be a habit. I'm trying to cut down on the cons I go to, but, in spite of my efforts, still get to 6 or 7 a year. If there's an SF con near you but you've never seen me there, the odds are I wasn't asked or the Powers That Be didn't want me. I don't go where I'm not wanted, but try hard to make it if I can where I clearly am wanted. Exception: in general I turn down cons with a strong media bias (Trek, etc.) or ones that are heavy on non-reading or non-print media not because I disapprove of them but because I don't have fun at them myself. I want to go places to talk to people who actually have heard of me and read books for pleasure. If you do see me at a con, and I'm not obviously doing business, don't hesitate to come up, say hello, talk, comment, etc. I'm a very old hand at cons and started off as a fan myself. I rarely hang out at secret pro parties (they are incredibly boring) and generally will settle in at the best party and watch the world go by 'til dawn. If a party is serving coffee, the odds are that's the one I'm at. For those who know me at least a little, I actually did quit smoking in 1993 and haven't smoked since. And, no, it was no big deal. Smoking may cause all the world's evils, but one thing it wasn't, at least for me, is addictive. 

This bibliography is kept on a computer disk, and will be updated as there are things to update. This version is January 5,2004, and hopefully answers the bulk of requests and questions from my readers. Thanks to you all, and keep reading, and enjoy! --JLC 

©; 1962,1990 Jack L. Chalker
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