Dreams Bed: World Class Luxury

This bed is made in Italy and is designed by Castellan Design. Different from other beds, they have a straightforward design but with many different types of models. With this line, you can find the bed that will fit your bedroom perfectly.

Dreams Beds collection is inspired by colors like green, blue, and red, making it very eye-catching. You can see these colors also in headboards and other details.


In the late 50’s company “Sweet Dreams” was created in the USA. Sweet Dreams is recognized for the high quality and simple design of its furniture. The production of Sweet Dreams beds is continued by “Dreams Bed Company,” which belongs to the “H.K.S.” group since 2012.

Their line was honored at an exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. It was also recognized with a Gold award during the Italian Market – Cronoscalzo 2013 organized by ‘ SMAU Padova. ‘

Price List

There are different models regarding prices, starting from £179 for single beds, till £899.99 regarding king-size beds. You can compare all the different models on the company’s website divided according to their category.


Thanks to its design, this bed is really nice addition to the modern bedroom interior. Besides that, it can be used, for example, as a sofa or desk thanks to the armrest. This product has also got practical advantages like adjustable metal leg, which makes moving much easier. And last but not least advantage of this bed is primarily good quality and high durability!

You can use their bed in your guest room or even bathroom thanks to waterproof fabric! That’s why there are so many different models to choose between.


There are no disadvantages that could be identified now. This bed is made of good quality materials, has an adjustable leg, and it’s convenient for one person who wants to move it easily! Since they belong to the “H.K.S.” group, you can order this product with confidence, knowing that it will not disappoint you!


Since the beginning of production, this bed has got different types of headboards and metal legs. These products are always adjusted according to trends and new desires of customers. It doesn’t matter whether you like modern, classic, or romantic style inside your bedroom; Dreams beds will fit every interior! Of course, what kind of design is your favorite there is a model for you too. You can choose between 56 different models with 56 headboard and leg options, which makes buying online even easier! Metal feet and base make it easy to move around if you need to rearrange your room for some reason.

Sizes available

You can choose between different size options starting from single size to king size. The good thing is that you have so many to choose from! You can easily find twin beds or double beds what are most popular nowadays. For people who love larger beds, there are models with king mattresses too!

Colors available

The biggest color range of all the bedroom furniture lines in the H.K.S. group. Therefore, for sure you will find your favorite color among them! Beds are made in different colors like green, blue, red, grey, and white, which might perfectly match classical interior design schemes.

Thanks to its simple design, it matches any room decor type, even if it’s a modern one, like using certain colors as an accent.


This bed is designed to look beautiful on whichever model you decide to buy! You can choose between different types of headboards, bed frame material, and legs, so you are free to choose the model you like the most! It has got a straightforward design, but it brings something interesting to your bedroom.

There are several categories: Diva Bed, Lady Di Bed, Peppermint Bed, Waikiki Bed, etc. There are at least 5 models for each category, which makes a total of 56 models in total! So if you will go on the Dreamsbed website, we advise you to check them all!

Customer Reviews

There is no such thing as a negative statement about this bed line since its quality and design are really good, and it looks modern and elegant after all! Since this product was introduced on the market around years ago, it can be seen in many bedrooms. Thanks to its good quality and warranty you don’t have to worry about anything.


Their beds are not difficult to transport from one side of the room to the other, thanks to adjustable metal legs. And last but not least important for this retailer they deliver products fully assembled! You will receive it disassembled in a set of boxes, but no worries, you will manage them easily.

A smooth working process is guaranteed thanks to anti squeak device and correct placed drawers avoiding unwanted noises. Also, there are various accessories you can order along with your bed, like under-bed storage or wardrobe that perfectly match the style of your bed. Since beds are packed into different boxes, they won’t damage even if delivered via courier.

Assembly Instructions

They deliver products fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Besides that, there are detailed instructions on how to use one part of your bed. All you have to do is follow one simple step-by-step guide and voilà! They offer you flexible style combined with functionality what makes it perfect for everyday use.


Thanks to its special features, the beds are time-tested, and that’s why there is a warranty of up to 5 years. If you encounter any problems, you can claim a new item or part of your bed.

Return Policy

They do not allow you to return your product unless there were some problems or it arrived damaged. You can claim a new product or part if everything goes fine, but returns are not allowed under any circumstances.

Online Purchase

Since this company offers their items in an online store, everyone can buy beds for his home without having to go somewhere since they deliver them directly at your doorstep step by step until final assembly. You will receive a complete set of manuals or just follow the steps on the icons what makes buying even easier! Thanks to its good quality and warranty you don’t have to worry about anything.

Certification and Testing

The company’s beds have passed many tests thanks to their adjustable metal frame, anti-squeak device, and correct placed drawers. It is tested on durability, functionality, and reliability according to international standards.

Customer Service

They offer an online phone number so if you have any questions about the bed or it arrived damaged you can easily contact them on this number on any customer services inquiry. There is also an email address on their website on which you can send messages with your problems and wait for a response via email.

Sleep matters

The most important factor of every bed is its quality and comfort level. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will affect your health in the future, so that’s why they offer you an adjustable metal frame, anti squeak device, and correct placed drawers to give you the best nights. We are sure that you won’t regret buying this product!


After purchasing Dreams bed, you definitely will not regret that decision! This is a very durable product dedicated to both short-term uses the long term! Of course, if you are looking at how much a bed costs, there are several more expensive models, but they are made of good materials, so you will not replace them soon!

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