June 11th, 1998

Summer, 1998

Posted at 6:23 PM by Jack Chalker

It’s been a while since I updated these pages, but much has been,frankly, static for a very long time (as is much of the book businessat the moment) while other things have been pending. It appearsthat the apparent imminent sale of the Well World to Hollywoodhas fallen through; we offered them an exceptional deal, almostinprecedented, and they said that just giving them the uraniumwasn’t enough, they demanded the shaft as well. So, any Hollywoodtypes interested in the Well World, let me know. It’s on the marketagain. Serious offers only, though, please. I had more than oneoffer in the past 6 months for various projects in which the proposalinvolved paying me absolutely nothing in exchange for tying uprights for a long time. Folks, I’m a professional. While I wouldn’tdo this JUST for the money, I sure as hell have no intention ofdoing or selling anything for zero money.
          The big news is that the second and final Well World project bookis now turned in at last, and this means Del Rey now has threetitles of mine in inventory, both parts of the Well project plusa stand alone novel, PRIAM’S LENS, that I like a lot. And they’veactually announced when you will see these and one future bookwhich is the current work in progress. PRIAM’S LENS will be outin May, 1999; the first of the two-part Well saga will be publishedin November, 1999, and the second half in February, 2000. Augustor September, 2000 will see the publication of the book I am startingto write this week. There is also now a CD ROM version of theChalker & Owings history and bibliography of the SF/fantasy/horrorsmall presses, which is available from most SF mail order companiesfor $49.95. Not cheap, but the estimate to actually print thesucker was much, much more.
           The OTHER news is that my wife Eva Whitley and I will be Fan Guestsof Honor at next year’s Norwescon in Seattle over Easter weekend.We hope to see a lot of our northwest fans and readers there.Yeah, I know, FAN GoH (Harry Turtledove, an old friend, is pro GOH) but it’s often a way to get a twofer and I have a long fanhistory as well and Eva has only a long fan history, so….
           It was great meeting many of you at the World Science FictionConvention in Baltimore. Have fun and keep reading!

           My wife’s just finished a course in web design, so we may be upgradingthe look and feel of these pages in the future. She just openedher mouth and criticized their look, so I told her she had thejob. We’ll see.

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