February 23rd, 2001

February 23, 2001

Posted at 6:44 PM by Jack Chalker

Well, yet another Baen deal to announce, this one for a new project. CHAMELEON is a series that involves, yes, both the terraforming of worlds and the “genetiforming” of colonists, at least one serial killer, the intelligence agency from Hell, civil war, and all sorts of other goodies. These will be written as soon as I finish KASPAR’S BOX, which should be in by the end of March if all goes well. The money in this field is still a fraction of the old days, but I still get paid by how many are sold, so my ultimate paycheck’s up to you!

     Things have been going better the past month or so, but it’s been busy, so I apologize for not updating on my usual monthly schedule. We’ll try and get back to normalcy in a month or so, just in time for my lunatic personal appearance schedule. Those of you who only see the sign-in screen and click on email and NEWS really should click on either THE Florafox or on the big Well World illustration to go to the real home page. There’s lots there and more coming. I don’t have the means to do an avi or similar video file, but certainly I intend to be doing a bit of “talking” soon, once I figure out the system. That and other things are/will be on the home page, along with lots on current and forthcoming books, where to find things, etc., but I’m getting a lot of email from folks asking me biographical, bibliographical, or other information that’s right there, so clearly many folks aren’t going home, as it were. I love “talking” to you via email, but not if it’s answering questions that are already answered on the web site. You want me to have time to write the next books, right?

       My health is pretty good, the family seems okay, but I could use a couple of weeks’ vacation. Other than that, my plans are to get KASPAR done before the marathon conventions and appearances, then start on CHAMELEON as soon as I can catch my breath. I’m also looking at doing a couple of experimental print on demand editions of my older books that nobody seems interested in, so we’ll see how that goes. When and if it comes down, you’ll find out about it on my home page first. Best, jlc

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