February 22nd, 2005

February 22, 2005

Posted at 7:24 PM by Eva Whitley

The Memorial Service was beautiful. We had around 120-130 people there (the funeral director’s estimate) and a HUGE turnout at the reception afterwards. My older brother flew in from Chicago, and one of Jack’s Internet buddies flew in from Detroit (I was gobsmacked), and there were a few people from Philly/New Jersey (as well as cousins from Norfolk) but most folks were Baltiwash fandom. Or gafiated fandom.

I didn’t see anyone from work other than the minister, who did a great job. My former coworker from Computer Sciences, Warren, showed up but I only saw him briefly. I’m so happy he was there. It’s possible since I went and sat down with the mourners several minutes before the ceremony (and before my sibs got there!)(And I never want to hear another family joke about Eva being late ever again) and there were huge crowds around me all evening, that people WERE there and I never saw them.

I especially want to thank my coworker, Rev. Reginald Pouncy, his crew, my friend of a friend Sherry, who sings like an angel and who I now consider my friend, Mike Walsh, Chuck Miller, Mark Owings, my nephew Chris (father to the 4 most adorable children in the world), and to my wonderful sons, David and Steven. The smartest thing I ever did was have children.

We had a miscommunication with the funeral director on the internment, and Jack won’t actually be buried for several days and when the Roaring Bull starts running in the spring I’ll organize a little trip to Liverpool to toss part of Jack’s ashes off the ferry to make their way, eventually, to the Chesapeake Bay. Email me if you’d like to be a part of either of these events.

For now, the ashes are going to be stored in Jack’s office, under the photo montage Dave and his Kinko cronies made for the funeral (which was just breathtaking). Dave did a fabulous job with the programs, and we may have some left over. If you’d like one, send an Florafox.com, Germany and we’ll send you one.

February 11th, 2005

Sad News

Posted at 11:24 AM by Steven Chalker

As of 11:12AM Friday, February 11th, 2005, Jack Lawrence Chalker has now passed away and is now in a greater place. He died of Kidney Failure at age 60 in Baltimore, MD. He was born December 17th, 1944. Thank you for praying for us. Funeral services will be held at Marzullo’s Funeral Chapel at 6009 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD on February 21st, 2005 7-9pm.

February 9th, 2005

February 9, 2005

Posted at 7:22 PM by Eva Whitley

Sorry we haven’t updated lately. Wish I had better news.

Jack was sent to University Specialty Hospital at the beginning of this month but last month got moved back to the hospital (Bon Secours, not University of Maryland, which was on Red Alert and not accepting emergencies). The situation is not good for Jack, with very low blood pressure, some bleeding problems, and kidney failure. 

Jack has been in a vegetative state since late December. One nurse at UMD said he was responding to yes/no questions with head shakes and nods but we never saw that after late December. He has not been responding to requests to blink, squeeze hands, etc.

Dave and I went in today and told him we loved him. Tomorrow both boys and I will be going in.

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