June 8th, 2001

June 8, 2001

Posted at 6:49 PM by Jack Chalker

I’ve been a bit longer than usual getting back to the site, and I wish I could say it was because I was swamped with work, but, the fact is, it’s just been one of those months. The only real news is that the paperback of Balshazzar’s Serpent is now on hand, and those of you who just can’t bring yourselves to spring for hardcovers can now have at it at the usual sources. I’m also now finally working to finish Kaspar’s Box as quickly as possible. I think my readers will like it, although, yeah, it’s a typical Chalker saga in a number of ways. I still think there are a few surprises there, so we’ll see. I haven’t yet decided how big a finish to make this. I am therefore hoping for some even more uninteresting and uneventful weeks so I can do nothing but relax and work, even though I know that, with summer vacation season here, even with Steve going to computer camp I’m going to be rather busy on the home front as well. David is back for the summer from Miami of Ohio, complete with pet iguana, and he’s gotten his dream job of sorts for the summer working for Looney Labs, the game folks. Check out some of his work and some photos of him as well as the products of his current employer at florafox.com/ru/volgograd-8, and if you’re a gamer and go to Origins in early August look him up at the Looney Labs demos and say hi. Then there’s one marathon for me to go—I’m in Moscow (Idaho) for the con there at the end of August, fly home Monday, and on Wednesday I’m at the World SF Convention in Philadelphia for almost a week. Any rumors that I’m deathly ill should be dispelled, unless this schedule kills me! Okay, back to work, and I’ll write if I find money…. jlc

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