April 14th, 2000

April 14, 2000

Posted at 6:31 PM by Jack Chalker

Not a lot to report, and I wish that weren’t true. A lot of mail coming in on GHOST, but they have not bothered to send me a copy of it yet so I haven’t even any idea what it looks like. Maybe they think I should buy a copy? I don’t know. I’ll get some sooner or later.

Lots of mail from folks asking me how they can get older titles now virtually all out of print. I wish I had a ton of them, but I don’t, and while some will be reissued in time from other publishers there is no way to say when or which. A few that have been out of print for a long time we may put into a Print on Demand program such as the one being run by Wildside Press. This may be the best home for titles like SOUL RIDER, which are simply too huge to be reprinted mass market in today’s marketplace. When we have a deal on which of these we will do and when, we’ll let you know on this web site. Promise. What these would be is trade paperbacks, essentially, of the older works that you wouldn’t necessarily see on the stands but could order from any brick and mortar or online bookseller. This may well be the real future of getting writers’ out of print works back into print. The advantage is, since the process is entirely digital until the book is produced, and it can be produced physically almost on demand, as ordered, books in the system may never go out of print! We’ll see.

Conventions: Balticon, April 21-23, Omni Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD; Midwestcon, end of June, Cincinatti, Ohio; Rivercon, Executive West Hotel, Louisville, KY July 28-30; Chicon (World Science Fiction Convention), Labor Day weekend, Hyatt Regency Chicago. Also, book signing May 19, 7-9 PM, Barnes & Noble, New York City, with 25 or 30 other SF authors.

In the meantime, I’m trying to work as hard as I can on finishing more books, and we’ll be floating a new set of proposals and see if anybody bites by the fall. In the meantime, your purchases and your support help us all. jlc

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