May 29th, 2005

May 29, 2005

Posted at 7:29 PM by Steven Chalker

Argh, it’s a Balticon without Dad, however we did have a panel talking about him called “Midnight at the Wake of Chalker”. It was really great, and a lot of people came and told their true tales about Dad, for instance, somebody mentioned he wanted something to eat at 1am, so he saw something wrapped in foil and thought it was left-overs, so he picked it up, ate it, then realized it was doggy treats!! Everybody cracked up at that one.

The news is all complete now; I’ve recovered the last two news articles missing from this website. (Thanks guys!) Now to backup the site. (By the way, take it from me, the Wyndham Hotel on the Inner Harbor is just the worst hotel ever! I’m glad Balticon 40 and probably beyond is going to be in the Hunt Valley Inn out of Baltimore City.) We know of our new place now, and Mom and me are planning to visit the new townhouse tommorrow.

May 23rd, 2005

May 23, 2005

Posted at 7:28 PM by Steven Chalker

(We are beginning to send out invitations to our packing party soon. We are moving on July 3rd, 2005. If you would like to help us move & can come to the Westminster, Maryland area (where we currently live) please drop an email by my Mom at eva dot whitley at g mail dot com without spaces) Argh, sorry I haven’t posted on Dad’s site in a while, some events have been going on lately. I might make a book called “Meteorologist Life” where it has my life from 7th grade to 10th grade and might have some Jack L. Chalker secrets in it too. (But… Book news can’t be displayed to the public unless you email me, my principal thinks I’ve offended the school enough and my Mom suggested password-protecting my blog. Read on to get password) Mom has been having these “odd” dreams about how Dad “was still alive and that the ashes buried were another person’s ashes”. We sold the house to a man named David (I’m not going to mention his last name, and it’s not my brother, he already lives in his own place down in College Park) and he’s going to fix up our house, and we’re already looking forward to a townhouse in Owings Mills, MD. Last thursday, I caught the flu and have been running a fever of 102F, vomiting, etc. My throat is really swollen; it takes 15 seconds to have the whole cup of water go through my throat.

I’ve lost the recent news.htm file. What happened was that my old computer, (the one Dad made) it’s video card died (Yet another irony!!!) and Dave (my brother) wanted Dad’s old computer. While Dave’s operation to transfer his harddrives from the VAIO computer to Dad’s computer was a success, mine wasn’t, and even though I still have my C:\ files, documents, programs, My Expert PHP scripts, etc. It erased and recreated C:\WINDOWS so it doesn’t know that Adobe is on my computer and installed. Anyway, if anybody has the lost recent news.htm archived somewhere, or wants password to, please send it to php coder at g mail dot com. (without spaces) Please do not send spam or viruses. GMail blocks out every bit of spam in my inbox and has a virus blocker updated every day.

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