December 4th, 2000

December 4, 2000

Posted at 6:41 PM by Jack Chalker

Sorry to be so late and so brief; still intending to do a major upgrade on this site, since it appears that most folks who visit only visit the email and mostly here and miss the rest. Besides, it’s time. It will be incremental—even with the new front end much will still lead for a time to old format pages or to Under Construction, but I’ll get there, and News and email will remain.

    On November 15, I finished MELCHOIR. Two days later I went to Philcon and had a very good time there. Two days after Philcon, in mid-day, I suddenly and without warning developed major convulsions that, as it later was shown, was due to a sudden spike in my body temp from 98.6 or so to 105 F! I was rushed to the hospital, hydrated, and put on Supercillin given intravenously. They let me go home five days later, but with a portable pump the size of a fanny pack attached to me and a tube surgically implanted in an internal large vein so that both blood and antibiotic could go in. This is supposed to finally come out tomorrow. The cause is a very nasty internal infection that appears resistant to many/most antibiotics, and it’s put up a heck of a fight. In the meantime, we think we got it, but we’ll see. I’m starting immediately on KASPAR’S BOX because all this has left a decided hole in the wallet, at least as soon as I get off this @#$%^&*! pump.

    Look for the site to start evolving over the next month or so, and let me know if you experience really slow load times or have display or other problems. In the meantime, best, and Happy Holidays! jlc

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