December 30th, 2004

December 30, 2004

Posted at 7:15 PM by Steven Chalker

I don’t know how to start off, but Dad is going from Carroll Hospital Center to University Speciality(? [which was formerly Deaton]). The doctors expect him to be out of the nursing home in several months, and his car is being sold. (I get dibs on his cell phone! No, just kidding.) I know that Dad’s book, Chameleon, will not be published, however that could be proved wrong. We are also moving to a one-story house with no stairs for Jack’s comfort. So, just a summary: He is permanently disabled but not fully retired. However I think Chameleon might be cancelled and his latest book published will be his last published. Care to sign the guestbook?  

December 18th, 2004

December 18, 2004

Posted at 7:14 PM by Steven Chalker

Click here to donate to the Chalker Family Emergency Fund 

December 15th, 2004

December 15, 2004

Posted at 7:14 PM by Steven Chalker

Jack is awake! (Click here to learn more) 

December 10th, 2004

December 10, 2004

Posted at 7:12 PM by Steven Chalker

How Jack Chalker’s Surgery Went, and Click here if you still want to leave Jack a “Get Well Message”, because Mom or Dave is reading all of them (except mine) tomorrow at 12pm. Please do it before 11:45am EST, thank you! 

December 9th, 2004

December 9, 2004

Posted at 7:11 PM by Steven Chalker

Taken from Mom’s (Eva Whitley) LiveJournal:

We went in to visit Jack today and talk to the doctor about the trach. (This would be doctor number 4, in as many days.) This guy was very optimistic. Basically, if we agree to the trach, it would NOT be permanent, it could be pulled out when Jack was better, Jack might be transferred to a nursing home about 15 miles away but it would be a short-term thing and he’d be coming home. The gastric bypass surgery could wait until Jack is recovered and could give his consent and it would be his decision at that point. I am more wildly optimistic at this point than I have been in days, I feel like I have been given a great gift. We also had a consultation with the hospital social worker who had information for use on the choices in nursing homes for post-op trach weaning, a range of services for Jack (physical therapy, occupational therapy, maybe even counseling) to help him. There are risks to the surgery, but then I had similar risks when I had my hysterectomy last year and that went swimmingly. (In at 6 am Monday, out by 2 pm on Wednesday, I could have stayed another day but ugh! ick! hospitals!) 

The surgery is tomorrow morning at 11AM so keep your prayers/good wishes/thoughts coming!

December 7th, 2004

December 7, 2004

Posted at 7:10 PM by Steven Chalker

This is not Jack Chalker, this is his son Steven. Dad has had problems lately with his leg and yesterday he went into the hospital. This evening Mom (Eva Whitley) and me went into his room and he was sleeping. He is in Fair Condition according to the nurse, but I have bad news: He has congested heart failure. His heartbeat has been moderating between 50 bpm and 90 bpm but mostly in between 50 and 65. This does mean that his new book will be delayed but I have the feeling he will not die. Everyday I will be updating his condition and keep you posted. Click here to leave a “Get Well Soon” message/comment for Jack and I’ll see to it he’ll get all the messages from his fans. I’ve already got two.

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