August 10th, 2000

August 10, 2000

Posted at 6:34 PM by Jack Chalker

Well, some news to report. I wish I could say that MELCHIOR’S FIRE was in to Baen, but it isn’t. I’m working on getting it in in the next two weeks, certainly before leaving for the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago.

After I get the book done I’m going to be completely re-doing the web site to make it faster, easier to use, and easier to update and, hopefully, easier for you to read. That will probably be next month. Be aware that the opening screen will remain, but everything else, including here, will have a decidedly different look and feel and, most of all, more speed and easier navigation.

A number of folks have asked about word that one of my stories was part of a TV package, and some even were rather insulting to the fellow who said he was the producer. Well, rest assured it’s true, but there is a reason why I don’t discuss these things: I want to see first if they have a chance of being real. So far we have an agreement for one episode of a project that is already a year or two in development and isn’t imminent and for which I’ve yet to be paid a dime. There are lots of these kinds of projects out there, and you can understand why I don’t report on them unless there’s money paid and some developmental progress. So, yeah, I have real hopes that “Dance Band on the Titanic” will eventually be a TV episode, but I’m not holding my breath.

Personal news: After almost 16 years, our old blind pussycat, Stonewall J. Cat, passed away of cancer and is buried in the land he knew as home. A new cat has now moved in, an (at this writing) 8 week old calico kitten which my wife Eva’s named Valentine, after a relative and not an SF reference. My guess is that he’s going to wind up with a more common nickname, though; he’s already been called Spooky. Oldest son David leaves at the end of the month, having transferred from UMBC to Miami of Ohio for his sophomore year. Miami has the programs he’s specifically looking for, but we’re sad he’ll be too far away for weekend visits. Oh, well, that’s part of the whole parent thing. Steven, soon to be 9, is still very much a handfull. We’ll have a link to his rather bizarre web site in the new pages.

We will be experimenting with Print on Demand for some of my older titles. This is the new system for producing trade paperbacks and even small run hardcovers to order (you can use,, B&N, or whatever to get them, even special order from a bookseller, but you will never see copies on the stands). First one up will be a new printing of And the Devil Will Drag You Under. Stay tuned.

More news as it develops. Otherwise, I hope to see many of you in Chicago! jlc

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