March 23rd, 2002

March 3, 2002

Posted at 7:00 PM by Jack Chalker

We have a choice after finishing Kaspar to either go to a convention or take a real vacation, the first in several years. It looks like Eva and I are going to opt for the vacation, so it may well be the end of May before we get back into conventions. We do intend at the moment to be at Balticon (Baltimore, MD), Midwestcon (Cincinatti, Ohio), the world SF convention in San Jose, CA, probably World Fantasy in Minneapolis and Philcon in Philadelphia. More may be added, but that’s the current quite limited plan for now. If Washington, DC throws another Capcon (probably October) then we will probably be there but we’ve heard little yet.

      Okasy, so that’s it for now. Let me wrap Kaspar and then I’m going to Disney World…. jlc

March 3rd, 2002

March 3, 2002

Posted at 7:01 PM by Jack Chalker

CORRECTION TO BELOW. I have now been informed that the Greenberg collection will contain Dancers in the Afterglow, Moth and Candle, and one other story of mine not yet determined, but not the whole of my short stories. Still worth it, though, I suspect. Whether they will keep my title is also unknown; I asked but never heard back. Bit of added news: An independent producer with several films now in production has just optioned the Well World for at least one movie and maybe either a series of movies or a movie and then TV stuff. Don’t hold your breath, but for those who always ask about these things, yes, something at the moment is in the works.  

Just a few quick notes to update you. I’ll do more when I finish the projects on hand. Big news is that (finally!) Kaspar’s Box is wrapping up, and on schedule, and I now have copies of the new Bzen edition of Midnight at the Well of Souls on hand, so it should be in stores any time now. Also, if you didn’t notice, Martin Harry Greenberg’s doing a series of hardcover collections of single author shorter fiction collections, and one of these will be mine. I don’t have a date or price yet, but it will include no nonfiction but all the fiction from Dance Band on the Titanic, the alternate history story from Alternate Presidents, and the complete text of the long out of print short novel Dancers in the Afterglow. The story Dance Band is in a Harry Turtledove-Martin H. Greenberg alternate history anthology currently in print and available from both Del Rey and the SF Book Club, The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century.

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