May 29, 2005

Posted in General at 7:29 PM by Steven Chalker

Argh, it’s a Balticon without Dad, however we did have a panel talking about him called “Midnight at the Wake of Chalker”. It was really great, and a lot of people came and told their true tales about Dad, for instance, somebody mentioned he wanted something to eat at 1am, so he saw something wrapped in foil and thought it was left-overs, so he picked it up, ate it, then realized it was doggy treats!! Everybody cracked up at that one.

The news is all complete now; I’ve recovered the last two news articles missing from this website. (Thanks guys!) Now to backup the site. (By the way, take it from me, the Wyndham Hotel on the Inner Harbor is just the worst hotel ever! I’m glad Balticon 40 and probably beyond is going to be in the Hunt Valley Inn out of Baltimore City.) We know of our new place now, and Mom and me are planning to visit the new townhouse tommorrow.

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