November 1, 2000

Posted in General at 6:36 PM by Jack Chalker

Just a few quick notes. Things are still going slow; I’ve been fighting a re-flareup in the leg infection that, among other things, made it impossible for me to sit and type for more than a few minutes at a time, which has really slowed my work. I’m trying to get Melchior’s Fire done by the end of the first weekend in November. Cross fingers.

A correction to the comment below. We are not doing a Print on Demand version of And the Devil Will Drag You Under; I’ve been so out of it that I guess I never even checked the thing. This is an eBook experiment a la Stephen King to see if people really want me in this format at a good price. Release date will be January, 2001, and the publisher’s URL is www.embiid.net. Okay, everybody seems to be writing and emailing me about the wonders of eBooks for the future—let’s see how many people put their money where their mouths are. If this one goes well, we will do more. If not, I’ll have an answer for all you eBook partisans!

More stuff is in the works, but nothing’s been signed yet. You’ll be the first to know. Lots of startup cons next year for some reason; I guess the new millennium carries with it convention disease. At least, a lot of them want me as one of their GoHs, and I’ve said yes. No idea what’ll hit and what’ll miss, but we’ll see. In April, 2001, I have first time cons in central New Jersey and two weeks later at a college in the southeastern Missouri hills, not to mention the one in Madison, Wisconsin that is Not Wiscon. And we’ll do our usuals, like Balticon (moving next year to Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore), Midwestcon in June, and the worldcon in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend. More details when time permits. And I still intend a complete redo of the web site, but this book has got to be done first. My youngest, Steve, is also waiting since I can’t build and set up his computer until I’m done!

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