January 13, 2001

Posted in General at 6:43 PM by Jack Chalker

Baen Books has just bought the first five Well World books for reissue as paperbacks in the near future. This includes the originator of the series, the bestselling perrennial Midnight, which, written without a series in mind, is a stand-alone and considered by critics my finest novel. Now in 17 languages and with millions in print, Del Rey let it go out of print last year for the first time in 23 years even though it was still selling. No sign of the format (whether these will be reissues of the independent paperbacks, combinations in trade pb format, or whatever) but it’ll be good to see these back. If you haven’t read the original or met Mavra Chang, by all means take this opportunity when it’s available. This isn’t even signed yet, but there’s a verbal agreement with the paperwork now in the works.

     Also, note that Embiid has now “published” And the Devil Will Drag You Under. Click on the cover to go to their page for info, pricing, ordering info, etc. and to either read or download a sample chapter (no Acrobat or eBook needed for the samples). Lots of folks say this is their personal favorite of all my books; I can only say it’s one of my nuttiest. If you like the Dancing Gods, you’ll find this one wilder, starting off just a tad off and growing progressively nuttier. Will New Yorkers notice two King Kongs battling in Times Square at rush hour? Go see.

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