April 5, 2001

Posted in General at 6:45 PM by Jack Chalker

The best thing I can report is that halfway through my marathon of convention appearances I’m still going and about to head for the next gig in beautiful New Jersey. Sometimes in between all this I hope to get enough time to finish KASPAR’S BOX, which I’d like to have in by the end of May 1 but probably won’t. I’m carrying a Handspring Visor with one of the folding full size keyboards with me to the cons, but there’s only so much I can do. Best is here in the office with my custom keyboard, big display, and sound insulation.

      Lots of folks appear to be reaching the sign-on home page and then clicking email or news without ever discovering the wealth of other stuff on the web site. If you’re one of those, the next time you go to www.jackchalker.com, click on the big Well World and see what you’ve been missing. On the real home page that shows up, click on anything of interest to go there.

      Not much more to report right now. I hope to continue to see many of you at the cons to come; please make one if you can. Details on all those conventions and appearances can also be reached off the home page. And, no, JerseyDevilCon is not named for a hockey team; it and the team are named for the legendary monster of the Pine Barrens. –jlc

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