April 24, 2001

Posted in General at 6:48 PM by Jack Chalker

Just a note to celebrate the fact that I survived five consecutive weeks of conventions and am now back at work on Kaspar’s Box. The hardcover of Melchior’s Fire is now here, so look for it any time now in stores even though it’s officially a June title. They haven’t told me yet when Balshazzar’s Serpent will be out in mass market pb, but it should be in the next couple of months tops. Also a short notice heads up for folks in the D.C. area on Sunday, April 29: I’ll be one of several SF authors doing a 2 PM signing at the Barnes and Noble store, 3651 Jefferson Davis Highway, Alexandria, Virginia. Brenda Clough, Charles Sheffield, and many others will also be signing. Now back to work. Sigh….

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