January 15, 2005

Posted in General at 7:19 PM by Eva Whitley

Eva Whitley here: We went into the hospital today. Jack’s eyes opened from time to time but he wasn’t particularly responsive and he kept drifting off. We stayed on the idea he was hearing us and appreciating his company. We also talked to the resident for about 10 minutes who wanted to know about Jack’s mental state before he was admitted to the emergency room.

They are concerned that the sedation has been off for several days now (probably not that long, because didn’t he have to be sedated for the surgery?) but he’s still asleep most of the time.

We’re planning on going back tomorrow morning, and maybe Monday. They plan to move him to the nursing home for vent weaning after that, and after that, who knows? We’d like him to come home, but that’s not going to happen if he stays in this state.

Jack has a Guest Book now at http://www2.caringbridge.org/md/jacklchalker/ if you want to leave a get well message. 

Oh, and the cardiologist who they consulted on Jack’s heart asked if he was the same Jack Chalker “who wrote all those books.” You never know when you’re going to find another fan!

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