January 19, 2005

Posted in General at 7:20 PM by Steven Chalker

Steven Chalker again… We’ve narrowed down the choices of nursing homes. It’s either going to be University Specialty (aka Deaton) or a nursing home that begins with “Ft. ” and it’s in Southern Baltimore. Lorien in Mt. Airy, MD has it’s beds full even though the Adelphia Advertising Center still allows them to advertise here and they say they still have beds. Whatever the case, the next news statements will probably have where he’s going.

UPDATE: Today has been flip-flopped. Dad went from UMD to University Specialty and then back to UMD again. Apparently dad had gone from the 4th Floor (Intensive Care Unit) to the 7th Floor (Which isn’t as intensive), transferred to Deaton, then developed a Fever, then went back to the 4th Floor. A later scan showed Dad had brain damage because not enough oxygen went into dad’s brain. So when dad’s fever goes down under 100�F, he will be transferred to Deaton again.

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